Financial ManagementFinancial Management

Expansion or Restructuring Analysis

We review and analyize your operations to determine where there is room for growth by revenue, capacity, human and technical resources.  This allows us to see if your existing space, technology and technical team meet, exceed or fall short of your production and growth needs.  It will allow you to develop a clear and specific plan to acheive your business goals.


Debt and Strategies

We can assist you in developing a plan to structure and maximize financial support for capital and operating growth.  This will enhance your ability to effectively manage cash flow and afford you peace of mind knowing you have the ability to take advantage of opportunites and manage your buisness with confidence.


Finance Strategies

An assessment of the financial strength of your business will help you determine whether you are better positioned to grow your business or determine its value for possible sale.  You will know how to efficiently make the best use of your operating cash for by identifying if and what type of debt to take on to move forward, for example, leasing vs. buying.


Purchasing Strategies

Putting a plan in place to reduce your overhead costs in relation to the goods and services needed to operate your laboratory allows you to forecast and budget in order to keep within outlined profitability goals.  You will be able to increase your cash flow and profit in your laboratory.


Accounts Receivable Strategies

We can help you reduce your reliance on credit facilities and increase your bottom line by implementing a system to balance the cash coming into your laboratory with the cash going out of your laboratory.  This will reduce the strain on your debt and enchances your finance strategy.


Budgeting Strategies

In order to plan for future growth and take advantage of opportunities in the market we will provide you with a cash flow analysis that will allow us to develop a plan to ensure that your cash in exceeds your cash out.  We will develop a budget for you that will serve as a baraometer for the health of your business and can be utilized as and effective business management tool.

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